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Online Link Scan - Blog kau ada virus tak?

Online Link Scan - Virus, Trojan, Adware and Malware Scanner

Virus malware. Tadi berblogwalking. Jumpa site ni, beritahu macam mana nak cek site kita tu sama ada, ada malware virus or tidak. Phewww. Cepat cepat aku pergi cek. Selamat rupanya site aku dari malware nie. My site is secure okeh, so mari sini ramai ramai.

Online Link Scan.

Result site aku:

--------- LINK SCAN SUMMARY ---------
PhisTank say's: Service not available.
AVG say's: Service not available.
SiteTruth say's: This site is safe.
Google Safe Browsing say's: This site is safe.
Threat Name: No Threat FOUND
Threat Definitions: 836977
Engine Version: 0.96.3
Host IP:
Link Status: Clean
File Size: 72.32 KB
Time Finished: 9.07 secs
Overall result: This site is secure.

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