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The hidden meaning behind the letters.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Selama ni kita belajar alif ba ta, membabi buta macam tu jaa kan? Mengaji sebab semua orang mengaji dan dah memang adat masyarakat melayu. Tu dulu la, Melayu sekarang aku tak tau. Melayu sekarang, aku agak ada yang tak reti baca Quran. Alif ba ta pun merangkak. Bila aku dengar lagu Sami Yusuf ni, baru sedar ada maksud tersembunyi di sebalik huruf Jawi tu.

A is for Allah. nothing but Allah.
Ba is the beginning of Bismillah.
Ta is for Taqwa, bewaring of Allah.
Tha is for Thawab, a reward.
Ja is for Janna, the Garden of Paradise.
Ha is for Hajj, the blessed pilgrimage.
Kha is for Khaatem, the seal of the prophethood given to the Prophet, Muhammed (SAW).
Da is for Deen, Al-Islam, religion with Allah since time began.
Dha is for dhikr, remembering Allah.
Ra is for the month of Ramadhan.
Za is for Zakat to pure our greed, when we give our money to those in need.
Sa is for Salamu alaikum, peace be with you wa'alaikumussalam.
Sha is for shams, the shining sun which Allah placed for everyone.
So is for salat, for when we pray facing him, everyday, facing him, till we meet our lord.
Dho is for duha, the morning light, the sun has turned from red to white.
Tho is for tareeq, the path to walk upon.
Dho is for dhil, a shadow.
Aa' is for ilm, the thing to know, to make our knowledge grow, in Islam.
Gha is for ghaib, a world unseen and that we know is not a dream.
Fa is for, the Opening, Al-Fatihah.
Qua for the Quran, the book of God.
Ka is for kalima, a word we're taught to teach us what is good and what is not.
La is for the beginning of La ilaha illa'allah.
Ma is for the Messenger Muhammad-ur-Rasoolillah.
Na is for nawm, the sleep God gave to give us rest after the day.
Ha is for the Hijra, the journey that, the Prophet made.
Wa for wudu before we pray to help us wash our sins away.
Ya for Yawm-mid-Deen.

Perasan tak dalam lagu Too Phat yang tajuknya Alhamdulillah, korang mesti akan perasan satu verse yang bunyi dia camni:

"Lidah setajam pisau, ku tidak akan risau dengan cabaran sepanjang perjalanan ku pasrah ku akur 7,8,6 Alhamdulillah Syukur.."


  1. owh iyeke..tengs for the info.. baru tau arini

  2. 7,8,6,tuh ape mkna nya?

  3. salam ziarah.

    lagu tu, lagu Zain Bikha.

  4. Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

    - Daniel


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