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Germany's Mesut Ozil; Is he Muslim?

When the camera pans along the German team on Sunday and that famous national anthem thunders out across the Durban Stadium, Mesut Ozil's lips will be moving out but he wont be singing along. No, Ozil will be reciting the Koran to himself. "It gives me strength," he has explained. "If I don't do that before a game, it gives me a bad feeling."

What I know, he is obviously a Muslim, being of Turkish descent. Hope his girlfriend will follow his religion. My friend read somewhere that he made his girlfriend converts to Islam. There are another article that post a different story. Ozil is a devout Muslim but no longer observes Ramadan after fasting while on duty with the German Under-21s played havoc with his fitness. He does however recite verses of the Quran before kick-off.

Fyi, time aku tengah serach pasal benda alah nie, ada something interesting laa. UMMAH Forum, dalam web ni agak hot la cakap pasal Ozil ni. Dalam pada masa yg sama, ada juga perbalahan yg mana seorang user ni ada mempertikaikan Islam macam yg dia tanya -- Are Muslims alllowed to wave the flag of the Kuffar? Why do MUSLIM praise one side whilst ignoring the other?".

Alang alang cakap pasal Germany ni, here you are, the funny pic of Maradonna. Aku memang anti gila tahap bangang Argentina and the coach.

Sign reads: "Bye, Maradona" (I don't think they mean that sincerely)


  1. orang turki kat sini ada mcm2 jenis, yg baik pun ada, yg dah macam takde agama pun ada.

    yg solat 5 waktu ada,
    yg solat jumaat je,
    yg lagi 'hebat', siap jadi tokeh kasino lagi.

    jadi org islam kat negara ni, tak semestinya mengamalkan islam mcm kita buat kat m'sia.

  2. Alah, kat malaysia pon apa kurangnya. berapa ramai orang islam malaysia yang tak solat, tak puasa? sedangkan ada seorang hamba allah ni yang keja dlm pejabat pon tak puasa jugak. inikan pulak pemain bola sepak.


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